Boris how do I get a guy to want to date me


be yourself, if they don’t like that then they’re not for you.

I bet your the kinda guy who wouldnt wanna put a label on things. You wouldnt ever wanna be someone's boyfriend or fiance or husband.. your scared to commit


you’re right on the labels bit, I believe in fluidity and letting things simply be what they are. labels suffocate and project expectations onto everything instead of letting them exist in an uninfluenced natural state.

on your second point, id happily be someone’s boyfriend if they were the right person.

Your penis isn't a good feature? Awww, I think you should let us tell you otherwise ;) And no one would complain about more pictures of that bum. I'm sure you have a great body overall, don't be shy about showing it :)


hahaha dicks are ugly though?

it’s my one good feature, however it’s all still a working progress at the moment. Thank you for the kindness though!

It is quite a fantastic bum though.


thank you!

still lots of work and improvement to be made on it though.

That's a sign that you should submit something else, like soon. Really soon. :)


so tempting, so tempting.

but that’s my only good feature so…

yo my bum almost has a 1000 notes… the world makes no sense to me.